How to Make templates
If you want us to build your decking for you to install we need paper templates of the areas .Be sure to be as detailed as possible. The better the template the better the panel.
Start by laying out painters paper, tape it down tight and flat.
Use a lumber crayon to rub over the paper to bring out the current non skid pattern.
Be sure to use a pen and make
marks where the non skid stops or where you want the Flexiteek to stop.
We need to be able to connect the dots with a ruler and cut the template out .
Cover All the areas and dont remove the paper untill you have looked over evrything.
Draw a line down the center ,this must be a straight
refrence line so we can start the decking in the right direction.
Somtimes a good refrence is a seat or box that has a straight line .
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