I have been installing and working with synthetic Teak decking since 2007. If you want a quality craftsman to work on your project contact me anytime.
Be careful of other cheap products and contractors that have only done a few installations. You get one chance at installing Flexteek decking correctly. Hire the best and most experienced Flexiteek contractor you can find. I have installed many complex projects on small boats to large yachts.
I am willing to travel just about anywhere.
Who do you want working on your boat ?
 More about me.
James O. Godfrey III
Has a................. USCG Master Captains License
Air Force veteran...
 Jet engine mechanic on the C-141 cargo jet.
 1994- 2000.
Gerneral contractor, I use to do high end home remodeling a work with complex flooring systems.
Certified diver in 1988
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